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Treevolution is published by Media Hack Collective. Treevolution was founded by Laura Grant and Alastair Otter as a way to write about the climate and environment issues they were interested in.

In 2011 they produced the first edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Recycling in South Africa which was quickly downloaded more than 20,000 times. The second edition was published seven years later in 2018 and the third in August 2022.

Today Media Hack publishes a number of specialist publications including the data-focused publication The Outlier.

Treevolution is meant to improve the understanding of climate issues and help everyone get involved in the changes needed for change.

Treevolution also publishes a regular email newsletter with interviews with people making a difference, guides to key issues and tips on living a greener life.


2 responses to “A bit about us”

  1. Seamus Avatar

    Thanks. Interesting site. Just passing through… I picked up on your story about compensation in Maasailand.

  2. Alastairo Avatar

    Nice website. Just a comment about fastening tomato plants to a stake – Use strips of old nylon stockings – this does not damage the stems of the plant.

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