Treevolution is:

Chief Green Officer
Laura Grant (email)

Green Geek
Alastair Otter (email)

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  1. Grace Green Avatar

    Take a walk on the green side of life…

    I’m excited to say that we’ve launched a new website

    The website is based on the Reduce Reuse Recycle principals, providing loads of easy tips on how to reduce our consumption of electricity (more tips than the one’s you hear about in the media), water and other resources to lessen our influence on global warming. The site also explores ways of managing home waste, including how to recycle and how to compost. There are also sections on global warming and litter, and ways of saving on food wastage plus more.

    It provides information on what we as individuals can do to make a positive environmental impact. It also demonstrates that going green works as you can save resources and money.

    Please visit the site! I hope you’ll find steps that you can take to walk on the green side of life!

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